How to Resolve Error 1935 when Installing Sage 50?

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Sage 50 accounting software is one of the most advanced software that is intended to solve the major problems of users in their accounting and bookkeeping needs. But due to some reason, users may get some errors that may create real trouble for them. This blog will help you to fix one of the frequently occurring errors: error 1935. You can call at Sage Customer Service Number for an instant solution, but if you love reading, you can get the answer in the blog as well.

How to fix the error 1935:

There may be several reasons responsible for the error, and you need to check and clear to look for the solution. Now you need to follow the steps give below that can fix the problem easily:

1.     Fix the background programs:

If you have opened various programs in the background, then they may interfere with the sage software and present you real trouble. So you need to remove these programs and close down them as suggested further:
  • Go to the control panel and search the running programs and features.
  • Choose the software that is creating problems and then you can uninstall them.
  • Next, you can go to start menu to remove temporary files.
  • For that, you can click run and type %temp% and click OK.
  • There you can select all the files and right-click on it.
  • Then delete the all files to press the delete button.
This process will only be working for the temporary files, but for the programs that are essential to your computer, you can follow these steps to stop them:
  • Press CTRL+ALT+delete button simultaneously, and you will get the task manager.
  • Then go to Startup Tab and locate the programs that are creating problems for sage 50 software.
  • Select disable to stop these programs.
  • Next, go to the details tab and click on each program and press the button end process.

2.     Damaged installation files:

When you try to install the Sage 50 software to your computer, you may get several issues related to damage installation files. This happens due to installation failure or incomplete download. To fix the error, you need to download the same version of the software form the CD and complete the missing download files. Then you can easily install Sage on your computer.

3.     Antivirus program:

Sometimes you may get antivirus programs interfering with Sage 50 software and produces some errors. Now you can disable these antivirus programs for a while or uninstall the software permanently to resume the services of Sage 50 software.

4.     Windows update:

 Outdated windows may also create some issues with Sage 50 software, so you need to look for the updates and install those updates to your computer with these steps:
  • Go the start menu and then windows update settings.
  • Now check for the available updates.
  • If you find any updates, then you can download and install them on your computer.

Get the customer support for Sage 50 assistance:

You can contact at Sage Helpline Number if you are looking for further support. There you will be getting the most prominent support from the expert community and professionals to resolve your issues.

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