How to Troubleshoot Sage 50 Decline Error Code 000005

Sage 50 error code 000005 is also known as the bank decline error which means that your transaction was rejected by your bank. The generic way in which the message gets displayed on the screen is via a ‘Do not Honor’ message which indicates that the bank has declined your card and you cannot make any transactions. In simple terms, it just means that your payment that you had made for any product or anything whatsoever through the Sage 50 software with the help of your credit card has not been accepted by the bank and the transactions couldn’t be completed due to any underlying error. Whenever this happens it is advised that you should hold your transaction for at least 24 hours after the decline has happened and work towards fixing this problem. This blog will help you provide the best solution possible and you can also dial the Sage Support Number for any expert opinion. 

Causes or the reasons behind Sage decline error 000005

There can be many reasons which can lead to this basic error code and thus your transaction getting declined by the bank. You can look at the list given below:
The CVV which you entered was invalid
There are not sufficient funds in the bank
Some kind of installation problems while initially installing the sage 50 software
Invalid card number
Not able to provide the correct card details
The file has been damaged
The transaction was declined by the bank due to some suspicious activity
Server error in the bank

How can you resolve this snag?

The most basic steps for resolving this error have been discussed below. You can try to apply these on your system.
Press the Windows key of your laptop/desktop.
Once the menu bar opens, click on ‘All Programs’.
Then click on ‘Accessories’ and after that choose the option of ‘System Tools’. 
After that click on ‘submit a request for system repair’.
Now you will be asked to restore the system to the previous time and date when the software application was working properly.
Once done, save the changes and then reboot the system.
After that install the sage error utility kit and run it in the system
After that save the changes and restart the system once again.
Also make sure that you are entering the valid card details such as CVV, card number, expiry month and year. 

Once you have applied the given procedure and have also taken care of other necessary things, you can try the transaction after 24 hours. You may also get in touch with your bank representative in order to understand any financial glitch. And you can also dial the Sage tech support number and talk to the professionals regarding this error in order to get a detailed and researched opinion.

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